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[16-05-2017] Hearthstone group recommends the new card
Card group analysis: the sleeve groups and other fish people ride with the blessing of might and many animals, such as war, mainly to cope with the wall of 26, 27, 27, in particular,

[11-05-2017] Hearthstone new version standard pattern card set of shaman
In terms of the new card, fire plume elves joining make element, in the start stage had certain against the ability of fast break, flametongue totem can also be used in small change is big,

[09-05-2017] Hearthstone Jonathan unger rocky trails thief card group
Two card set of special and strong play makes them in Jacob's ladder match high at the same time, at the same time there is a small number of tasks.

[12-03-2017] Hearthstone new expansion pack content description
Task card is a new Hearthstone card type. Task CARDS are legendary quality, so each can only put a piece of the collection group,